“Meeting people and making friends from around the world is the coolest thing. It’s awesome to know you share common interest with people across the globe from you. “

Tylor McCallumore

United States

Echo 2

Tylor started yoyoing with his best friend at a local toy store called A2Z when he was just six years old. At the store, he learned from some of the best yoyo players in the world such as Jack Finn, Andre Boulay, Eric Koloski and Nick Gumlaw. Being the competitive person he is, yoyoing stuck with him right away, because it was a challenging skill toy with so much possibility and a lot to learn. With the challenging aspects of the hobby and the positive atmosphere at A2Z, Tylor would end up taking a yo-yo with him everywhere. When he hit middle school and started taking yoyoing more seriously, he began to practice for multiple hours a day. With the extra hours of practice, he started to do better in competitions and eventually won multiple championships. Tylor loves complicated tech tricks to show how much practice and time goes into each trick. As of today, he is a multiple Mass State Champion and he spends his days teaching yoyo classes at the very store that taught him. He loves yoyoing for the creativity and the challenges it brings, but also for how many people it brings together.