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Orange Duncan Flipside yo-yo

Price: $19.99
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    The FlipSide™ features a patent pending ball-bearing spacer system that allows yo-yo players to use either a small OR large ball-bearing. Based on the original specs of the popular FH Zero™, it features a modern profile with SG Sticker™ response for unresponsive play. Throw in the included Concave bearing and you'll be throwing one of the best plastic yo-yos on the market! Each FlipSide™ includes both a large ball-bearing and a small ball-bearing.


    Price: $14.99
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      Freehand is the original counterweight yo-yo! With the introduction of Freehand came a new way to perform tricks by attaching a counterweight to the end of the string. The string is no longer attached to your finger, allowing you to perform tricks never done before. Freehand features SG stickers with thinner ball-bearing for perfect response. Matching casino die counterweight included! Check out our counterweight videos for an arsenal of tricks.

      Metal Drifter™

      Price: $29.00
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        The best-selling Metal Drifter™ combines high performance and high play value. Made of precision machined, premium aluminum, it features a wide shape, ball-bearing axle and recessed sticker response. The Drifter is the perfect yo-yo for intermediate players looking to step up to a professional quality yo-yo. Each Metal Drifter™ includes a counterweight for players looking to learn even more tricks as they enter the realm of 5A!

        Gold Duncan Metal Racer yo-yo

        Price: $29.00
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        Item #: 3603XP -

          The Metal Racer is one of the best values in yo-yo play. Made of precision machined aluminum, the Racer plays better than yo-yos twice its price. It is the perfect yo-yo for players looking to step up to a professional yo-yo!


          Price: $24.99
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            The SkyHawk™ is a top performing, 4A machine. Perfect for the beginner to professional player, it is not too light, not too heavy, not too big, and not too little. It offers a just right feel for just about any yo-yo player. Its unique metal weight ring dramatically increases spin times and stability. The SkyHawk™ has already become a favorite of many of the top-level yo-yo players around the globe!

            A blue Strix yo-yo

            Price: $24.99
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              Designed by 2011 European Yo-Yo Champion Kohta Watanabe, the Strix™ features a clean, modern profile for pristine performance while performing the most difficult tricks.