Duncan Program Starter Kits

Equipping Future Champions & Leaders with the Best Yo-Yo Gear

As experts in yo-yo play, we have created unique yo-yo kits designed specifically for each of our programs. Our starter kits feature the yo-yo’s and accessory gear needed to complete program objectives. Whether you are a scout, a student, or a teacher these starter kits will ensure your success as you learn.

Thanks to the help of our Duncan Yo-Yo Pros, we have compiled a pack of the specific yo-yo’s and equipment you will need per their recommendations. These are just a few of the starter yo-yo’s that helped them achieve their goals.

We have broken our program starter kits into three categories, Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Imagination. The Scouts and Cub Scout kits are set up to match your needs with the Scout Program and Cub Scout Adventure. The Imagination kit contains the equipment if you are starting from one of our school programs. Each Kit contains two yo-yo's, colored string, and our popular trick book. Since cub scouts and our school kids are probably just getting started, we include our beginner level yo-yo's in these kits.

The Scout kit is a step up with more advance yo-yos included. Known as a "scout survivor pack" this option includes a few extra things like sports tape, a cool carrying holster, Level 1 trick card, and a pair of Duncan Sunglasses. Representing Duncan as a soon to be champion, each Scout can master their moves with the included “long spinning” Freehand and “quick response” Hornet Yo-Yo.

All our kits come with everything you will need for your new yo-yo passion! Start your journey now by choosing your program and kit.

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