Grasshopper GTX 2.0

When designing yo-yos for champions, we set them up for long-term success. Introducing the Grasshopper GTX 2.0, the signature yo-yo of world champion Janos Karancz!

After two years of redesigning and refining, we ensured that the Grasshopper GTX 2.0 satisfied Janos's preferences and met our team's requirements for a bi-metal competition yo-yo, which is our best-selling model.

One of the most significant changes we made was to the inside diameter, the hub, and the weight distribution. Let's break it down.

We added the hub to extend the yo-yo's durability, as our team continues to evolve their tricks with more extreme and intense maneuvers, and it needs to withstand unnecessary hits or drops. The inside circumference was a required change to provide full control of the yo-yos. We optimized the Grasshopper GTX 2.0 for slack, rejections, and change of direction tricks that Janos is famous for. The weight distribution was slightly adjusted to maximize spin-time for longer tricks and sideways moves.

In summary, the Grasshopper GTX 2.0 is a thrilling yo-yo that will take you on a complete roller coaster ride of goodness once you try it. Don't wait any longer, order yours today and experience the exceptional performance and craftsmanship of a champion's yo-yo!

From Janos Karancz:

"The main improvement of the new Grasshopper GTX is its weight distribution, which has transformed its agility while retaining the stability of the original model. It is effortless to play with for hours without feeling fatigued. Holding it in my hand feels natural, and it handles any trick with ease."

  • Grasshopper GTX 2.0 is a signature yo-yo of a world champion, Janos Karancz, designed for long-term success.
  • After two years of refining, the yo-yo has satisfied the preferences of Janos and met the team's requirements for a bi-metal competition model.
  • The inside diameter, hub, and weight distribution are significantly redesigned to provide full control, extended durability, and optimized performance.
  • Grasshopper GTX 2.0 is the best-selling competition yo-yo, making it a complete upgrade for any yo-yo enthusiast.
  • Order now and experience the exceptional performance and craftsmanship of a champion's yo-yo that promises to take you on a roller coaster ride of goodness.

Official Release: 04/27 8PM EST

Price starts at $79


Material: A6061/SS

Weight: 66.5g

Width: 45.69mm

Diameter: 56mm

Gap: 4.09mm

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