New Barracuda X Colors!

New Barracuda X this month!

First one - Javier Augusto Special Edition. Look at that engraving! It's so good that we have to keep two versions of his proposed artwork on each side.

Javier's favorite yo-yo was the Original Barracuda and the 2016 Barracuda. So when we created the bimetal Barracuda (X), Javier is the first person that we thought!

Another Special Edition, Rodrigo "Whip" Yakota! Whip is one of the Duncan Legend and created a ton of 1A tricks (If you don't know any of his tricks, you are entirely missing out). Whip is also famous for his art - his way of creating his craft is just out of this world. Like this one! 

Freehand sketch, dotted each pattern, and just an amazingly beautiful masterpiece. Rafael Matsunaga Yo-Yo Design and Whip's Art? You can't miss this one.

Last but not least, is our new standard color, Purple with Gold rims!

Available this month at your favorite retail store! We will announce the official date on our social media later this week! Don't miss the chance of getting the special editions!

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