Freehand™ NextGen

The Freehand™ is one of our most iconic yo-yos. We have made several versions over the years, but the Freehand™ NextGen is extraordinary, and special to us. The shape is semi-organic, because we wanted to keep the classic look of freehand, with a little added flare for the next generation of yo-yoing. Including 19mm silicone response pad and a licensed KonKave Bearing means that you cannot go wrong with this yo-yo! It is a must-have plastic yo-yo for any collection, otherwise, you’d be missing out! The Freehand™ NextGen includes a standard counterweight so you can start your freehand journey right away

What's new with Freehand™ NextGen?

1. Remastered the semi-organic shape

2. New spacer technology

3. New cap design

4. New way of tuning


Weight: 63.3 grams | Width: 40.46 mm | Diameter: 57.947 mm | Body Material: Polycarbonate

Hub Material: 6061 Alloy | Pads: 19mm Duncan Pads | Bearing: Licensed Dif-E-Yo Concave | Counterweight: Standard Casino Dice

Release Date: 12/2018

Retail Price: $15.99

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