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Blaze Light-Up Disc

Price: $9.99
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Item #: 3675FD-IN -

    The Blaze light-up disc meteorically streaks across the night sky with its embedded LED's brightly illuminating even the darkest night. On/off switch allows you to play during the day, or have full flashing lights at night. The official 135 gram weight and large diameter rest well in the hand, ensuring long, stable flights and hours of fun.

    Indoor Boomerang

    Price: $7.99
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: 3651XW -

      Made from soft and safe Memorang foam, the Indoor Booma? is soft enough to throw safely indoors and has a flight range of 15 - 20 feet!

      Intrepid 175G Ultimate Disc yellow

      Price: $12.99
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      Item #: 3670XW -

        Whether a competitive Ultimate player, or simply a backyard thrower, the Duncan Intrepid is perfect for both. Precision weighted for smooth, accurate flights, the 175 gram high performance Intrepid is officially USA Ultimate Approved for competition.

        Outdoor Boomerang blue in package

        Price: $9.99
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        Item #: 3652XW -

          Made from Memorang polymer, the Outdoor Booma will make you look like a pro. Flight range of 50-70 feet!

          Yellow Duncan Sky Spinner

          Price: $11.50
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          Item #: 3674XW -

            The Original Trick Disc! Duncan® Sky Spinner® is a ground breaking, hand-propelled spinning disc. Unleash an awesome array of tricks and stunts; throw it, crank it, spin it or slam it. Use the power crank to get your Sky Spinner® spinning with the flick of a wrist. With a perfectly balanced, weighted rim, it can reach an incredible 500 revolutions per minute. Easy and fun for all ages to use!