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Hardcore series products feature a ball-bearing axle for long spin times and various types of response systems for intermediate-advanced level tricks. Hardcore products, for hardcore players!
The upscale Butterfly XT features 4 designs and includes a ball-bearing axle for 5x more spin time than the Hello Kitty Proyo. More spin time allows for more tricks!
Introducing Hornet™! Designed for advanced looping tricks and competition play, Hornet is the latest and greatest in Duncans line of high performance looping yo-yos. Featuring a perfect center to rim weight ratio for looping tricks, starburst response, and ball-bearing axle for long spin times Hornet is ready to sting the competition! Hornet also includes two sets of bearing spacers; Aluminum for intermediate skill levels, and polycarbonate for advanced/professional skill levels.
High speed ball-bearing axle. Lightweight butterfly body for high speed string tricks. Aerodynamic rim-weighted shape. Uses Duncan® Friction Stickers for perfect response. Long spin times. Take-apart design.
Introducing the Pro Z™ with MOD Spacers™ Yo-Yo! A new addition to Duncan's Hardcore Series of yo-yos, Pro Z features patent pending shape changing spacers that allow you to modify the shape converting it from a standard looping style yo-yo, to a wide body string trick yo-yo! Pro Z is designed for basic to intermediate sleeping tricks such as walk the dog & rock the baby to looping tricks such as loop the loop and hop the fence. Pro Z makes these tricks easy to perform with its high speed ball bearing axle for long spin times, and starburst response system for quick returns. By installing the included MOD Spacers, you can turn the yo-yo from a narrow body beginner-intermediate yo-yo, to a wide body high performance yo-yo! The included MOD spacers feature a recessed response system that allows for difficult string tricks to be performed without snagging or losing spin time!
The Duncan™ ProFire is a high-performance plastic yo-yo. Featuring a unique 3-piece brass transaxle, the ProFire is the only non-bearing transaxle on the market that actually slides smoothly on the string. Rim-weighted for long spins, the ProFire also features patented Brake
Speed Beetle™ is designed for SPEED! With a lightweight polycarbonate body, Speed Beetle flies through the air making looping tricks faster for advanced players, and easier to learn for beginners! Speed Beetle features a ball-bearing axle for long spin times and Friction Sticker response system for fast returns making it a great model for looping tricks!
Throw Monkey™ takes the popular features of the Freehand™ yo-yo and adds extremely durable over-molded rubber rims making it not only perfect for counter-weight play, but off-string play as well! The addition of the rubber rings make it a model that is much more durable for high impact drops that frequently happen with counter-weight and off-string play. Throw Monkey features a high speed ball-bearing axle for long spin times, and a recessed response system for less response while performing advanced tricks! Each Throw Monkey includes a bouncy ball counter-weight, and an instructional CD-Rom that teaches how to perform counter-weight tricks!