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Posted July 11, 2014 at 7:14 pm by Augie Fash


Welcome to the team, Zac Rubino!!!

He’s the reigning California State Champion and he’s the reigning BAC Champion. But most importantly, he’s the reigning “Everything That’s Good in the Offstring Division” Champion.

Notable for his seamless blend of technical combos and risky bangers, Zac is the man to watch.

His BAC routine was flawless. The contest may have been outside and in the wind, but that didn’t matter. Nothing could stop him. Nailing risky regens and risky combos without ever missing a beat to his background track, he left many in the audience scratching their heads and asking “How the heck did he do that”?

Zach is stationed in Japan right now, training alongside the local yo-yo crews, bringing a new influence to his distinctly bold, Californian style. He will be touring the country for one month before hopping on a plane bound for Prague, where he will compete as one of the favorites for a shiny medal at the World Yo-Yo Contest.

When he’s not globetrotting, Zac is a true hometown hero. An amazing player and an amazing person, Zac teaches the ranks of new yo-yo players every weekend in Chico, CA. While we may miss him stateside, we can’t wait to watch the big things he’ll be doing this summer all around the world.

We are proud to have Zac on the team and we wish him luck this summer!



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