Posted October 2, 2013 at 4:42 pm by Brandon Jackson

The Duncan Freehand, the original counterweight yo-yo has been a player favorite for over a decade. It’s a model that has seen many different versions such as the FH Zero, Metal Zero, Hyper Freehand, and Freehand MG to name a few. A popular request has been to produce an aluminum version based on the original Freehand, fitted with original Freehand/FH Zero Style Side Caps and to have a modern response and bearing system. Freehand AL gives the players what they have been asking for with a large ball-bearing axle and SG Sticker response for unresponsive play! Freehand AL will be available at the 2013 U.S. National Yo-Yo Contest in limited quantities and will begin shipping to retailers November 1st!

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