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Posted April 25, 2012 at 11:34 am by Brandon Jackson

Singapore based yo-yo manufacturer Diamont Noir is now the second yo-yo company to license Duncan's patent for yo-yo counterweights and yo-yos that include a counterweight (Patent #6371824). Diamont Noir's president Iskandar Shah is a well known counterweight yo-yo player who took first place at the 2005 Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championship, 2007-2011 Singapore National Yo-Yo Championships, and the 2011 Bali International Yo-Yo Open Championship using two counterweights attached to the yo-yo. This style is known as "Double Dice" or "Double D" style of counterweight yo-yo play.


Diamont Noir's first models to include counterweights are named "Celestial" and "Celestial Deuxieme". Both models will include a special counterweight system that allows the player to customize their counterweight preference.


We are excited to work with Diamont Noir and look forward to seeing them push the Freehand/5A/Counterweight style of yo-yo play to new levels!

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