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Gyro Racers

Price: $5.99
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Item #: 3915GR -

    Race! Stack! Spin! Battle! So many play variations with Duncan Gyro Racers. With a heavy-duty gyroscope within each collectable character, simple rev up the Gyro Racers with only 1 or 2 thrusts. Play solo or with friends. You can spin them upright, upside down, on top of each other, or on the special ring or cone. And for battling.. Will you chose the will Throw Monkey or will you deploy the smiling Panda Bear for the win!

    Half Court Pack

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    Price: $20.99
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      Get our incredible half court action pack to have limitless fun with friends. This action pack comes with our Splash Attack Action Net, (1) Splash Attack Ball and (1) Splash Attack XL Ball. Get yours today!

      Blue Imperial spin top

      Price: $4.99
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      Item #: 3312MC -

        The Imperial® Spin Top was designed with the beginner in mind. Its light-weight body and comfortable size are perfect for small children. We've designed the top with a no-mar tip, so you no longer have to worry about the top scratching up your floors. Each top can be opened for easy storage of its string and button inside!

        Indoor Boomerang

        Price: $7.99
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        Item #: 3651XW -

          Made from soft and safe Memorang foam, the Indoor Booma? is soft enough to throw safely indoors and has a flight range of 15 - 20 feet!

          Intrepid 175G Ultimate Disc yellow

          Price: $12.99
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          Item #: 3670XW -

            Whether a competitive Ultimate player, or simply a backyard thrower, the Duncan Intrepid is perfect for both. Precision weighted for smooth, accurate flights, the 175 gram high performance Intrepid is officially USA Ultimate Approved for competition.

            Duncan Juggling balls

            Price: $9.99
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            Item #: 3830JG-IND -

              Durable and easy to use, Duncan® Juggling balls are made with brightly colored vinyl shells and are filled with plastic beans, making catches comfortable and eliminating bounce when dropped.

              yellow and white Duncan Juggling Clubs

              Price: $30.99
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              Item #: 3850JG -

                A perfect option for the beginner club juggler, these are some of the best-priced clubs on the market. Perfectly balanced, they offer the same performance as other clubs double the price!

                Yellow Duncan juggling ring

                Price: $13.99
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                Item #: 3860JG -

                  Duncan® Juggling Rings are great for any beginner or advanced juggler looking to step out of the norm of ball juggling. Perfectly balanced and durable, Duncan® Juggling Rings are fun and easy to use!

                  Duncan Komdo kendama

                  Price: $13.99
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                  Item #: 3840KE -

                    The classic Japanese skill toy meets modern innovation. Each Komodo™ Kendama is constructed from high quality, durable beechwood. The surface of the tama (ball) is perfectly coated with a high quality, glossy paint designed to withstand extended play without chipping. Perfect for any skill level, the Komodo is easy to learn and exciting to master.

                    Duncan Maple Drop Kendama with Blue Tama

                    Price: $20.99
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                    Item #: 3870KE -

                      The all-new Maple Drop™ kendama is elegantly crafted from strong, durable maple wood, offering flawless balance and the perfect texture for advanced level tricks. Professional kendama players designed each detail of the cups, spike, and tama, offering precise weight distribution for "e;lunars"e;, "e;lighthouses"e; and other balance tricks. The Maple Drop™ is Duncan®'s highest performance kendama.

                      Mega Bounce XL Ball

                      Price: $20.99
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                      Item #: 3673XW -

                        Up the ante with the Duncan® Mega Bounce XL - a super-sized sensation. A whopping 100 inch circumference, you'll be AMAZED at its size!

                        Mental Block

                        Price: $7.99
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                        Item #: 3914MB-IN -

                          All of us suffer from occasional mental block, but Duncan provides relief with the new Mental Block brain twister. Fun for 2 to 4 players, this game is easy to learn, but a challenge to win! More fun than two-dimensional games, with the Mental Block you can go around corners and over walls. With alternating turns, simply be the first player to connect 4 pegs in a row, and you win! Other game variations included!