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Monumental Puzzle Game

Price: $6.99
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Item #: 3915MM-IN -

    Tetrahedral shaped brain teaser starts looking like a pyramid but quickly changes with each turn. Twist to change shape & color, then solve to get all sides the same color! - Internal spherical spring construction allows for smooth turning. - Colored plastic sides remove issue with moving stickers. - Challenge yourself, challenge your friends!

    Mountain Wagon

    Price: $140.99
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    Item #: 3650MW -

      For over 85 years, Duncan's quality in classic toys has been enjoyed from generation to generation. We value quality, safety, and a fair price. Duncan has taken the same approach in constructing our new Mountain Wagon. - Improved materials! - Improved user safety! - Improved performance! - Improved price!

      Outdoor Boomerang blue in package

      Price: $9.99
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      Item #: 3652XW -

        Made from Memorang polymer, the Outdoor Booma will make you look like a pro. Flight range of 50-70 feet!

        Over-the-Door Assembly

        Price: $15.99
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        Item #: VHH1 -

          Hook on the Versahoop basketball hoop with this Over-the-Door set for instant basketball as home, dorm, or office. This is a replacement part for the Over-the-Door bracket and hardware included in the main Versahoop basketball set. Features: Durable 18-gauge Steel bracket Foam inserts to tighten hook Rubber bumper to protect door Versatile Inside or Outside Door Frame Fast and easy set-up

          Duncan Phoenix Diabolo

          Price: $30.99
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          Item #: 3870DI -

            No longer will diabolo players have to choose between a fixed axle and bearing diabolo! Duncan® now offers both in a single diabolo with the Phoenix! By hand tightening the knobs the player can quickly switch axles back and forth for variations in play and to accommodate any skill level. Featuring high speed roller bearing technology for low string friction and long spin times, Phoenix is the only diabolo for both beginner and pro players alike!

            Pop N Hit

            Price: $17.99
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            Item #: 3682PS-IN -

              With the Pop 'N Hit Bat, you can easily pitch to yourself or your friends! Simply PULL, & POP - Balls pop every time! The Pop 'N Hit has a unique patent pending design that pops balls out one at a time for perfect practice. The pop-up self pitching mechanism at the end of the bat launches balls 5' to 10' in the air to allow for a full swing. Features a 28" length and a durable, high-impact plastic construction. EASY-TO-USE TRAINING TOY: With the Duncan Toys Pop...

              Quick Cube 2x2

              Price: $6.99
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              Item #: 3903QC-IND -

                Want to learn how to solve the puzzle? The Quick Cube™ 2 x 2 is the perfect size for your beginner solver. It's not only easier to learn, but large blocks feature quick turning mobility for faster speeds.

                Duncan Quick Cube 3x3

                Price: $6.99
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                Item #: 3901QC-IND -

                  One of the keys to becoming a fast solver is having the right equipment. The Duncan® Quick Cube™ features smooth, easy turning design to allow the user to "e;corner cut"e; for superior performance and play. No oil needed! See the difference right out of the package. Ideal for novice to pro!

                  black and yellow Duncan Roadrunner footbag

                  Price: $12.99
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                  Item #: 3932SA -

                    Built from 32 individually stitched panels and a durable synthetic leather construction, the Road Runner™ performs difficult tricks with ease. Unlike normal pellet-filled footbags, the footbag is filled with fine-grain sand. The texture of sand form-fits to your foot for perfect play, control, and response, each time, every time.

                    Serpent Snake

                    Price: $7.99
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                    Item #: 3909SP -

                      Duncan Serpent Snake Puzzle is a twistable challenge of unlimited puzzle shapes. Start twisting and let your imagination transform your thoughts into shapes. Turn a ball into a triangle. A snake into a shapes. Turn a ball into a triangle. A snake into a dog. Use your own creativity to make your new shapes!

                      Yellow Duncan Sky Spinner

                      Price: $11.50
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                      Item #: 3674XW -

                        The Original Trick Disc! Duncan® Sky Spinner® is a ground breaking, hand-propelled spinning disc. Unleash an awesome array of tricks and stunts; throw it, crank it, spin it or slam it. Use the power crank to get your Sky Spinner® spinning with the flick of a wrist. With a perfectly balanced, weighted rim, it can reach an incredible 500 revolutions per minute. Easy and fun for all ages to use!

                        red and white Duncan Spider footbag

                        Price: $9.99
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                        Item #: 3906SA -

                          Great for INTERMEDIATE level footbag players mastering harder tricks and stalls, Spider? is a 6 panel, sand-filled, synthetic leather design that is great for advanced footbag tricks and freestyle moves. These features aid in control, response and make Spider™ extremely stable.