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EX-1 Glider with Power Assist glider, ex-1 glider, duncan toys, duncan gliders, power assits glider, paint your own plane, DIY plane

Price: $24.99
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Item #: 3680EX-IN -

    Paint your own plane, & fly it too! The EX-1 ?design-your-own? plane has an actual auto-stat motor with flight patterns. No Remote Control needed! After crafting your design, you are ready to fly. Simply shake your wrist 3-times to start motor, and away it goes. Two flight power positions: (5 seconds for large yards and 10 seconds for large open areas). Includes power cable and extra propeller.

    F-15 Eagle Fighter w/ Power Assist

    Price: $24.99
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    Item #: 3677EF -

      This is not the fighter you may have grown up with as a kid. Rather, the DuncanĀ® F-15 Fighter flies like the real thing... Massive thrust, controlled flight pattern and super long flight capability!

      HaymakerX bimetal, haymakerx, duncan yoyo, yo-yo, yoyos, expert yoyo, unresponsive, duncan toys, duncan yo-yo, 1a yo-yo, bi-metal yo-yo

      Price: $119.99
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      Item #: 9262SE -

        Introducing the all-new HaymakerX! The newest addition to our bi-metal (X) line! The engineering and design process for the HaymakerX was the most difficult to-date. Our team spent countless hours tuning the body and press fitting the stainless steel rings to ensure durability and stability on every throw. The result is a true masterpiece. Although it is an ancestor of the original Haymaker, the relation may appear distant. We made many changes to arrive at this design. First, we added extra...

        Metal Drifter™

        Price: $29.00
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        Item #: 3574XP -

          The best-selling Metal Drifter™ combines high performance and high play value. Made of precision machined, premium aluminum, it features a wide shape, ball-bearing axle and recessed sticker response. The Drifter is the perfect yo-yo for intermediate players looking to step up to a professional quality yo-yo. Each Metal Drifter™ includes a counterweight for players looking to learn even more tricks as they enter the realm of 5A!

          Mountain Wagon radio flyer, pathfinder, red, classic, wagons, all-terrain

          Price: $139.99
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          Item #: 3650MW -

            For over 85 years, Duncan's quality in classic toys has been enjoyed from generation to generation. We value quality, safety, and a fair price. Duncan has taken the same approach in constructing our new Mountain Wagon. - Improved materials! - Improved user safety! - Improved performance! - Improved price!

            Versahoop Basketball Set basketball, ball, rim, backboard, hoop, net, versa, versatile, board, basket

            Price: $59.99
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            Item #: VHOOP1 -

              The most versatile, durable, and portable basketball hoop ever! Versahoop is the only backboard / hoop that can attach to almost anything. The patented Versabrackets can lock onto any vertical or horizontal pole. Great for outdoor and indoor use!

              Windrunner  1A, Single A, limited edition, expert, splash, butterfly, duncan, duncan yoyo, yo-yo, yoyo, duncan toys

              Price: $32.99
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              Item #: 9256SE -

                Windrunner is our new economical full metal Yo-Yo. Our goal is popularize unresponsive Yo-Yos into the mass market. Our team focused on aesthetics, while making the playability extremely friendly. Full size and fully charged at 56mm diameter, Windrunner holds any long combos, sideways and fingerspin tricks! The double rim design gives it a unique weight distribution that can endure long yo-yo practice sessions. This will be the best $32.99 Yo-Yo you will ever have, so grab one and play fast...