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Big Fun Yo-Yo Big Fun Yo-Yo, Duncan Yo-Yo, Duncan Toys, Expert yo-yo, unresponsive yo-yo, yoyo, yoyos, yoyoexpert, yoyorewind, yoyotricks

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    Duncan offers entry level to competitive metal yo-yos for a large consumer base. However, we felt it was time to have some more entertaining choices. Our goal was something as the name implies: BIG and FUN! - BIG size, big spin, big concave bearing! - FUN time with fingerspin cap design, high durability, and amplified hop combo tricks.

    Counterpunch counterpunch yoyo, duncantoys, duncan yoyo, duncan yo-yo, expert yo-yo, unresponsive yo-yo, best yo-yo,

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      A total knockout, the Counterpunch is braced to perform in competitive and recreational settings alike. Impactful and elegant, maneuverable and strong, the Counterpunch melds the float of a butterfly and sting of a bee into one comprehensive package. With wide rims, a sleek profile, and a very comfortable weight, the Counterpunch is a versatile design, well-equipped to counterpunch anything thrown its way. A full-sized yo-yo with a small step from the bearing gives it the perfect balance of...

      Dragon Hawk Glider w/ Power Assist Toy Planes, Toy Glides, Dragonhawk Glider, Duncan Toys, Duncan YoYo, Duncan Glider, Duncan Dragonhawk,

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        Have you ever wanted to train your own dragon? Well now you can! Train your dragon to fly, rise and dive. Rule the skies day or night with colorful lights! The light up dragon hawk flies like a real dragon with lifelike flight movement, controlled flight patterns and super long flight capability! With Power Assist, it will soar in the sky for 5 to 10 seconds. Just shake your wrist three times and let it soar! It's durable and made to last and you can recharge it with the attached USB...

        Duncan Orbit duncan yo-yo, duncan toys, orbit yoyo, tal mordoch, unresponsive yoyo, yoyoexpert, yotricks, yoyotricks, yoyofactory

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        Item #: 9264SE -

          Drop it. Throw it. Launch it. The Orbit, the all-new signature yo-yo of 2-time Israeli Champion and 3-consecutive-time European Champion Tal Mordoch, has arrived! Winning so many titles requires a lot change, and the Orbit is tailored to Tal?s new, precise, well-controlled and constructive combos. The multi-stepped design gives a smooth landing to your hand, so you can catch and release the yo-yo at ease. The weight is perfected to feel floaty with heft, allowing you to triumph through your...

          Freehand NextGen Freehand, Freehand Yo-Yo, Duncan Toys, Duncan Yo-Yo, Expert yo-yo, YoYotricks, yoyoexpert, yoyorewind

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          Item #: 3608XP -

            The Freehand is one of our most iconic yo-yos. We have made several versions over the years, but the unresponsive Freehand NextGen is extraordinary, and special to us. The shape is semi-organic with added flare for the next generation of yo-yoing. Including 19mm silicone response pad and a licensed KonKave Bearing means that you cannot go wrong with this yo-yo! It is a must-have plastic yo-yo for any collection, Includes a standard counterweight to start your Freehand journey in traditional...

            Grasshopper GTX

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              We didn’t plan on revising the Grasshopper... Until János needed a new one. But why alter an already outstanding product? World Champion János Karancz has been playing yo-yo for a long time, and throughout the years his tricks have changed with the current yo-yo meta, becoming longer, more fluid, and increasingly more complex. New types of tricks require a new type of yo-yo, and what that meant here was that his yo-yo needed an update. Introducing the Grasshopper GTX: same look, new stainless...

              Mayhem | Made in USA mayhem yoyo, duncan yoyo, duncan toys, metal yoyo, yoyos, yo-yo, expert yo-yo, made in usa yoyo

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              Item #: 9267SE -

                One of our biggest plan has been to make a run of made in USA yo-yos again. The Mayhem was our top candidate. We wanted to utilize our original designs and innovate the playability to make it relevant today. The Mayhem is not your typical horizontal yo-yo. It?s wide, elegant and 100% organic, which enables the fun and joy of yo-yoing but doesn?t lend itself to horizontal play. NOTE: Black Mayhem is anodized flawed. It does not affect the playability. Discounted price.