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Duncan Grove Kendama with pink and yellow tama

Price: $12.99
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Item #: 3860KE -

    The Groove™ Kendama is the newest innovation in kendama play! The Groove Kendama is the first of its kind. The tama is crafted with a yo-yo-like string groove and a groove in the handle, allowing you to land the tama on and off the string, opening up a whole new dimension of tricks! Precisely-placed silicone stickers in the cups add even more playability, providing extra grip for balance tricks and ease of use.

    Red and yellow Duncan Gyroscope

    Price: $7.99
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    Item #: 3705GY -

      The Duncan® Gyroscope is one of the most popular educational toys on the market. Featuring a sturdy frame and perfect balance, the Gyroscope ensures fast, long-lasting spins. Each Gyroscope also includes a trick book!

      Duncan Komdo kendama

      Price: $12.99
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      Item #: 3840KE -

        The classic Japanese skill toy meets modern innovation. Each Komodo™ Kendama is constructed from high quality, durable beechwood. The surface of the tama (ball) is perfectly coated with a high quality, glossy paint designed to withstand extended play without chipping. Perfect for any skill level, the Komodo is easy to learn and exciting to master.

        Duncan Maple Drop Kendama with Blue Tama

        Price: $19.99
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        Item #: 3870KE -

          The all-new Maple Drop™ kendama is elegantly crafted from strong, durable maple wood, offering flawless balance and the perfect texture for advanced level tricks. Professional kendama players designed each detail of the cups, spike, and tama, offering precise weight distribution for "e;lunars"e;, "e;lighthouses"e; and other balance tricks. The Maple Drop™ is Duncan®'s highest performance kendama.

          Metal Drifter™

          Price: $29.00
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          Item #: 3574XP -

            The best-selling Metal Drifter™ combines high performance and high play value. Made of precision machined, premium aluminum, it features a wide shape, ball-bearing axle and recessed sticker response. The Drifter is the perfect yo-yo for intermediate players looking to step up to a professional quality yo-yo. Each Metal Drifter™ includes a counterweight for players looking to learn even more tricks as they enter the realm of 5A!

            Gold Duncan Metal Racer yo-yo

            Price: $29.00
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            Item #: 3603XP -

              The Metal Racer is one of the best values in yo-yo play. Made of precision machined aluminum, the Racer plays better than yo-yos twice its price. It is the perfect yo-yo for players looking to step up to a professional yo-yo!

              Duncan Phoenix Diabolo

              Price: $29.99
              Availability: In Stock
              Item #: 3870DI -

                No longer will diabolo players have to choose between a fixed axle and bearing diabolo! Duncan® now offers both in a single diabolo with the Phoenix! By hand tightening the knobs the player can quickly switch axles back and forth for variations in play and to accommodate any skill level. Featuring high speed roller bearing technology for low string friction and long spin times, Phoenix is the only diabolo for both beginner and pro players alike!

                Michaelangelo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Duncan Pro-Yo yoyo

                Price: $5.99
                Availability: Out of Stock
                Item #: 3290NT -

                  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? ProYo® features 4 collectible designs, face on one side and figure on the other, of the world famous TV and movie characters! The TMNT ProYo® offers a sleek wooden axle sleeve for easy returns, a take-apart design for easy knot removal, and patented features that make looping tricks easier than ever before.

                  Red and clear Duncan Torch kendama

                  Price: $9.99
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                  Item #: 3865KE -

                    The Torch™ Light-Up brilliantly illuminates the entire kendama! Both the base and the kendama are fitted with bright lights for gorgeous play. Every Torch is molded from high impact plastic designed to withstand plenty of use. After molding, each of the Torch's cups is surrounded with a soft silicone ring that offers easy, cushioned landings for the ball, perfect for the beginner. Also fit for a pro, the silicone rings can be easily removed as skill progresses.

                    Duncan Venom kendama with purple tama

                    Price: $12.99
                    Availability: In Stock
                    Item #: 3850KE -

                      The Venom™ Kendama takes the craftsmanship of the Komodo and steps it up to the next level. Rubberized paint is added to the tama, adding tactility, grip, and ease of use during the most difficult tricks. The Venom is our highest performing kendama and is suitable for any skill level.