Duncan Imagine Yo-Yo Show and Youth Empowerment Program

It isn’t just a yo-yo show, it’s a hands-on skill building activity that instills positive emotional concepts with physical education benefits!


World Yo-Yo Champion

Jennifer Baybrook

Impacting the Future Generation!

Imagine, produced by Duncan®, is a fun inspiring yo-yo show & youth empowerment program that engages youth of all ages with a motivational message creatively wrapped in laughter, story-telling and super cool yo-yo tricks! As a partner with Disney® and Scouts (formerly the Boy Scouts of America), our Imagine Yo-Yo Show and youth programs are tailored for school assemblies, school P.E. classes, after school and summer camp programs.

It is not just a yo-yo show, it is a hands-on skill building activity that instills positive emotional concepts with physical education benefits.

As the number one toy of all time and the third oldest toy in history, Duncan has been teaching our youth about yo-yoing around the world for 90 years. Our youth programs provide hours of fun and numerous physical education skill building benefits that include developing hand-eye coordination, agility, speed and concentration.

In addition, participating in our programs teaches basic life skills like self-confidence, motivation, creativity, goal setting, overcoming obstacles, teamwork and most importantly the ability and willingness to learn. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney.

Jennifer with Crowd in China

Meet Our Yo-Yo Champion

Jennifer Baybrook, a World Yo-Yo Champion and highly acclaimed youth program presenter has performed and presented Yo-Yo programs throughout 15 countries and 32 states. At the age of 17, she became the first girl to win the World Yo-Yo Championship title.

Born and raised in Vermont, Jennifer’s yo-yo career began at the age of eight. Through years of practice, determination and passion for excellence, Jennifer was quick to rise to be one of the top yo-yo players in the world and was recognized by the Vermont State Senate for being a positive role model to youth. Her story, an inspiration to both children and adults, is the tale of taking a different path in life that lead to a world of opportunity and the vision for our Imagine program.

Jennifer on Best Damn Sports Show

Media Coverage & Presentations

Jennifer has been a featured entertainer at various venues around the world including for the White House annual Easter Egg Roll, The Smithsonian, Euro Disney and Universal Studios Los Angeles. She has also been featured in over 200 print publications and on numerous TV programs including Sports Illustrated, Good Morning America, The Today Show and Fox Kids.

Sports Illustrated Today Fox Kids

Motivation & Life Skills

We empower youth with key life skills like confidence, goal setting, creativity and positive thinking.

Yo-Yo Fun!

A fun, interactive yo-yo show with tricks ranging from “Walk the Dog” to two yo-yos at once!

Hands-On Activity

Students have a chance to learn how to yo-yo after our show. We provide the yo-yo’s for your kids to use.

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