Another classic toy, tops have been a standby since the creation of toys. We’ve kept the top around by creating durable and attractive versions while still keeping the same basic concept and style as homage to the tops early origins

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Gyro Racers Gyro Racers, Gyroscope, Duncan Gyroscope, Duncan Toys

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    Race! Stack! Spin! Battle! So many play variations with Duncan Gyro Racers. With a heavy-duty gyroscope within each collectable character, simple rev up the Gyro Racers with only 1 or 2 thrusts. Play solo or with friends. You can spin them upright, upside down, on top of each other, or on the special ring or cone. And for battling.. Will you chose the will Throw Monkey or will you deploy the smiling Panda Bear for the win!

    Red and yellow Duncan Gyroscope

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      The Duncan® Gyroscope is one of the most popular educational toys on the market. Featuring a sturdy frame and perfect balance, the Gyroscope ensures fast, long-lasting spins. Each Gyroscope also includes a trick book!

      Blue Imperial spin top

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        The Imperial® Spin Top was designed with the beginner in mind. Its light-weight body and comfortable size are perfect for small children. We've designed the top with a no-mar tip, so you no longer have to worry about the top scratching up your floors. Each top can be opened for easy storage of its string and button inside!