Looking to upgrade your yo-yo with new strings or maybe some gloves? We’ve got you covered. At Duncan we produce only the highest quality replacement and upgrade parts. These parts are specifically designed to work well with our products, so you can be sure your getting Duncan quality.

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Item #: 3140GS -

    A package of white SG stickers for Duncan Yo-yos

    Price: $3.99
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    Item #: 3163PK -

      SG Stickers provide an unresponsive response system for high performance tricks. A "Bind" is required to return the yo-yo to your hand.

      A bottle of spin oil

      Price: $5.70
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      Item #: 3181OI -

        Performance oils enhance the play of looping and long spinning yo-yos! Modern yo-yos use ball-bearing axles which over time suffer from decreased spin times or low response due to the lack of lubrication. These oils have been formulated to increase the performance of ball-bearing yo-yos and are available in two varieties: Spin and Looping Oil.

        Red yo-tility holster

        Price: $5.40
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        Item #: 5250PK -

          The ultimate yo-yo tool is here! Each Yo-tility™ Holster serves as a yo-yo holster, bearing removal tool, and string cutter all in one! Easily attaches to belt loops, backpacks, and more!

          A black yo-yo storage pouch with a Duncan yo-yo on the side

          Price: $6.99
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          Item #: 3171PK -

            Store and carry up to 6 yo-yos in the Duncan® Yo-Yo Pouch! Each pouch comes with customizable foam that can be placed between yo-yos and can be clipped to backpacks belt loops, and more!

            A broad side image of a black Duncan yo-yo storage satchel

            Price: $23.99
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            Item #: 3174PK-IND -

              More versatile than any other yo-yo bag in this size, the new 10.5" Yo-Yo Storage Satchel is small enough to fit in a back pack, but big enough to store your "e;on the go"e; skill toys. Features two rows of pre-cut foam blocks to configure up to 12 yo-yos. Also includes a shoulder strap and mesh pockets to hold string and accessories.

              A package containing red, orange, yellow, green, and blue Duncan yo-yo strings

              Price: $2.99
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              Item #: 3276MC-IND -

                5 multi-colored cotton strings.

                5 white Duncan yo-yo strings in packaging

                Price: $2.99
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                Item #: 3276NP-IND -

                  5 white 100% cotton strings.

                  the front cover of the Duncan yo-yo trick book

                  Price: $4.99
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                  Item #: 3103BK-IND -

                    The Duncan® Yo-Yo Trick book features over 60 tricks including a bonus counterweight trick section! Follow fun step-by-step descriptions and illustrations as written by National Yo-Yo Master Steve Brown and illustrated by master artist Li Shyu!