Duncan Counterpunch

The punches are thrown at you, but you're on the offensive, you're agile. You're prepared to fight back, to get the better of your opponent. A jab, a parry, --COUNTERPUNCH! You deliver a blow square on the jaw. ONE... TWO... TEN! The bells ring, and you have won.

The Counterpunch is the newest addition to our line of high-end but affordable aluminum yo-yos. Designed by team member and yo-yo veteran Chase Baxter, the Counterpunch is well-equipped to face any tricks thrown at it. When we first released the Counterpunch at the World Yo-Yo Contest in Shanghai, China, it was a great success. Our team loved it; our fans loved it. You will love it, too.

The Counterpunch is best described as a synthesis between the float of a butterfly and the string of a bee. It's agile and strong, hefty and floaty. Although it features large rims and a powerful profile, don't be deceived into thinking this yo-yo is simply a heavy-hitter. It is truly an all around and very capable yo-yo, perfect for designer Chase Baxter's mellow style and Yoshihiro Abe's high-paced and extreme style alike.

The Counterpunch is available in a steely gray, a smooth rose, a bold red, a sharp blue, and a eye-catching yellow/blue splash. Coming Novemeber 16.

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