• Have Fun at Home

    Keep the yo-yo going at home with our Family Contest! Everyone can join in on the fun.

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  • Imagine Program by World Champion

    Jennifer Baybrook

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  • Classic Yo-Yos

    Trusted classic Yo-Yos since 1929

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    Duncan Butterfly Duncan Reflex Duncan Imperial
  • Modern Yo-Yos

    Modernized ball-bearing Yo-Yo

    All you need to from start to advance!

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    Duncan Butterfly XT Duncan Freehand Duncan Hornet
  • Professional Yo-Yos

    Go-to Yo-Yos of Team Duncan®

    Yo-Yo with style

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    Duncan Windrunner Duncan Origami Duncan Haymaker X
  • Team Duncan®

    Meet the world-class Team Duncan®

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  • Big Fun

    Special 90th Anniversary color

    Big spin, big fun! This oversized yo-yo offers a big concave bearing and a durable frame for mega spins.

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  • Freehand NextGen

    Flare for the next generation

    One of our most iconic yo-yos, the Freehand NextGen is a must-have for any collection. Includes a 19mm silicone response pad and a licensed KonKave Bearing for ultimate yo-yoing!

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Featured Products

5 white Duncan yo-yo strings in packaging

Yo-Yo String (5 pack)-White - 100% Cotton

Price: $3.99

Windrunner logo


Sale: $31.99

Pulse logo


Price: $12.99

Big Fun Yo-Yo

Big Fun Yo-Yo

Price: $17.99

Freehand NextGen logo

Freehand NextGen

Price: $15.99

Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo logo

Reflex™ Auto Return Yo-Yo

Price: $11.99

Gold Duncan Metal Racer yo-yo logo

Metal Racer

Sale: $19.99


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