Duncan Butterfly XT 2019

We released six metal yo-yos in just under four months. But what really excites me is our improved Butterfly XT.

The redesigned Butterfly XT is probably the best $4.99 yo-yo that will hit the market in 2019. It’s a bearing yo-yo with starburst response system and an added 4 grams. The additional weight and new starburst response made it so much easier for beginners to learn the most important basic tricks.

I’m lucky enough to share my contribution regarding the playability of Butterfly XT. In my 16 years of experience teaching kids, I have found that better response and perfect weight are the key players for learning entry-level tricks, and that’s what the new Butterfly XT is all about.

Out approach for our 90th anniversary is to make our brand stronger, and that requires an intensive redesigning of our trademark yo-yos. Watch out for more news!

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