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ECHO 2.0

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    Inspired by the original Echo design, which won both National and World titles, the Echo 2 yo-yo improves on that performance. It has a sleek V-shaped body, bold colors and improved weight distribution that increase spin time and stability. Still featuring the popular signature groove rings, the Echo 2 is a yo-yo that meets and exceeds the demands of the world's best players!

    Freehand Pro counterweight, 5A, limited edition, sakura, 3605xp

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      The reinvention of one of the most collected yo-yos in modern times, the Freehand Pro offers another round of limited edition designs, colors, and updates. The Freehand Pro is updated with a patented koncave bearing for long spins and string centering play. In addition, the Pro model features SG sticker response, unresponsive play, and color matched patented counterweight. All pro models are limited edition colors. If you haven't started a Freehand collection, now is the time to begin! ...

      Origami Expert, Bryan, Jardin, 5A, counterweight

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        Long-spins, perfect size, and snappy binds...nothing beats that! The hub gives the yo-yo a nearly indestructible design so it can hold a heavy fall while you are practicing. The distinctive cuts in the inner rim give a unique weight distribution to perform sideway tricks, long combos, and crazy other tricks! After a year-long design process with 7-Time National Champion, Bryan Jardin, we have come up with a powerful representation of the future of the Duncan line. Origami will be your favorite...


        Price: $24.99
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          The SkyHawk™ is a top performing, 4A machine. Perfect for the beginner to professional player, it is not too light, not too heavy, not too big, and not too little. It offers a just right feel for just about any yo-yo player. Its unique metal weight ring dramatically increases spin times and stability. The SkyHawk™ has already become a favorite of many of the top-level yo-yo players around the globe!

          A blue Strix yo-yo

          Price: $24.99
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            Designed by 2011 European Yo-Yo Champion Kohta Watanabe, the Strix™ features a clean, modern profile for pristine performance while performing the most difficult tricks.


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              Torque™ was co-designed with our partners in the yo-yo epicenter of Japan. It merges the demands of top players from around the globe. Torque™ boasts a wide-shaped body and angled edges offering a testament to its strong spin and incredible agility. The Torque™ has found itself in the hands of both current and future champions!