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    Designed by World Champion Rafael Matsunaga, the Barracuda is back! Used to win 8 National and World titles, the Barracuda is a well-known design famous for its aesthetics, spin time, and competitive performance. This new version keeps all that, tweaks it, and adds a new flavor to every throw. Bringing back this legendary yoyo means creating more world champion?s in the making

    Big Fun Yo-Yo purple side

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      Duncan offers entry level to competitive metal yo-yos for a large consumer base. However, we felt it was time to have some more entertaining choices. Our goal was something as the name implies: BIG and FUN! - BIG size, big spin, big concave bearing! - FUN time with fingerspin cap design, high durability, and amplified hop combo tricks.

      Bumblebee (Bi-metal)

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        There’s just something about the feeling of catching a forward pass... That’s what we are reminded of when we think of the Bumblebee. To us, the original Bumblebee is synonymous with the rebellious playground yo-yo play emblematic of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The Bumblebee was something you could pull out of your bit-too-baggy jeans and jam on while waiting for your friends outside the gas station. It was dependable, fashionable, and you felt slightly underdressed when leaving home...

        Butterfly AL Metal Butterfly, Butterfly Al, Duncan, Duncan Yo-Yo , Duncan Yo-yos, duncan yoyos, duncan yoyo, yoyo, yo-yos, yoyos

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          The idea of transforming the Butterfly into aluminum is a pretty bold concept. The original Butterfly design is really something you don?t want to mess around with. After a lot of thought, we finally decided to design something aimed towards modern responsive yo-yoing; maintaining the feel of the original Butterfly but gearing the yo-yo towards a trickset that wasn?t invented at the time of the original Butterfly?s release. Our goal became to keep that timeless Duncan feeling, to make the...

          Cold Fusion GT

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          The mid-school technical style of the early-to-mid 2000’s stands as the undisputed foundation of modern yo-yo play. That golden age of yo-yo innovation is best described as an era of immense sophistication and avant-garde exploration of yo-yo as an artistic medium: for the first time, the limitlessness of yo-yo was being discovered. The original Cold Fusion was around for the entirety of this golden age of yo-yo and was revered for its premium aluminum build and long spin times and stability,...

          Echo 2.0

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            Inspired by the original Echo design, which won both National and World titles, the Echo 2 yo-yo improves on that performance. It has a sleek V-shaped body, bold colors and improved weight distribution that increase spin time and stability. Still featuring the popular signature groove rings, the Echo 2 is a yo-yo that meets and exceeds the demands of the world's best players!

            Exit 8

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              The new eXit 8 is here! Designed by Takeshi Kamisato, a Duncan legend and world-renowned skill toy master! Our focus here was to update the Exit 8 design to fit the current meta of yo-yoing. The final result is a masterpiece! It’s just undersized enough that gives you all the comfort of an undersized yo-yo, but features a bi-metal placement that gives you a unique feeling, strong spin-time and an astonishing look! From Takeshi: I selfishly designed the eXit 8 with what I want in a yo-yo. The...

              Freehand AL pink color in isometric angle

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                A year in the making and too many revisions to count; we funneled it all down to one beautiful, powerful, and iconic design. Our newest yo-yo, the Freehand AL! We updated the Freehand design many times over the years. So what is different this time? We added an aluminum cap, improved the shape and weight distribution. The result? It's a massive upgrade! We initially thought that aesthetics is the critical factor here, but it turns out that the spin-time is equally essential. We flattened the...

                Freehand NextGen

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                  The Freehand is one of our most iconic yo-yos. We have made several versions over the years, but the unresponsive Freehand NextGen is extraordinary, and special to us. The shape is semi-organic with added flare for the next generation of yo-yoing. Including 19mm silicone response pad and a licensed KonKave Bearing means that you cannot go wrong with this yo-yo! It is a must-have plastic yo-yo for any collection, Includes a standard counterweight to start your Freehand journey in traditional...

                  Freehand One

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                    In 2001 the original Duncan Freehand was launched and with it came a change in the world of yoyos. Duncan had tapped into something unique. Although the why was not fully understood, everybody recognized it: the Freehand was special. In addition to launching a new style of play, the Freehand’s shape, aesthetics, and feel made it into an instant classic. Over the years Duncan has explored many different designs emphasizing various elements of the original, but with different materials and...

                    Freehand One AL Blue gold in side angle

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                      An homage to the late great original Freehand 1, revered in the yo-yo community by merit of how cool it is alone: We are happy to present you with the Freehand 1 AL! We think of this yo-yo as more of a love letter to the original Freehand 1 than a pure remake: We wanted to recreate everything we all love about the original Freehand 1, throwing in just a dash of modern yo-yo design into the mix. One of the coolest features of the Freehand line of yo-yos has always been the caps: You can collect...