Footbags are classic form of outdoor or indoor entertainment! We created three different styles to accommodate all levels of players, and styles of play.

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white and green Duncan Daredevil footbag

Price: $6.99
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Item #: 3905PE -

    Made of durable pellet-filled synthetic leather, Daredevil™ footbag is great for BEGINNER footbag players learning the sport/hobby of footbag. Its 5 panel design makes learning easier and more fun!

    black and yellow Duncan Roadrunner footbag

    Price: $12.99
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    Item #: 3932SA -

      Built from 32 individually stitched panels and a durable synthetic leather construction, the Road Runner™ performs difficult tricks with ease. Unlike normal pellet-filled footbags, the footbag is filled with fine-grain sand. The texture of sand form-fits to your foot for perfect play, control, and response, each time, every time.

      red and white Duncan Spider footbag

      Price: $9.99
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      Item #: 3906SA -

        Great for INTERMEDIATE level footbag players mastering harder tricks and stalls, Spider? is a 6 panel, sand-filled, synthetic leather design that is great for advanced footbag tricks and freestyle moves. These features aid in control, response and make Spider™ extremely stable.